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The Restorers Home

Jo Nketiah

Imagine walking into a small or big sized AA meeting around your neighborhood and seeing Jesus as your Therapist ? Or let’s say, having a recovery meeting available at every location your feet find that you can always walk into one any day and any moment to just let it all out in the spirit of community or even in your aloneness.
Well, I believe this is what my prayer feed is all about and It is like being a part of a spiritual, mental and emotional recovery program. It is about finding the courage to pray the vulnerable things we may want to hide. I share personal prayers about my day to day seasons and journeys as a young Christian single woman ( singleness- my current season) as I entrust the navigation of it to the best guides and therapist I know- Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

It is also a way to keep building on the habit of prayer for myself and to remind myself that Jesus- the only therapist who doesn’t require booking is always anticipating my presence ! There’s always room for me on his schedule and that I can walk in any day whether alone or with other believers to enjoy what He has for me at any moment!

I am glad my friend David introduced me to Echo and not only that gifted me a year premium subscription. What a better way to replicate this blessing unto others as I share with the world through daily, weekly and monthly reminders of all the things we can come to the father in prayers with.

The restorer’s home is a place to feel safe and pour your heart out to a God who restores so that we can extend restoration to others as promised in Isaiah 58:12.

My name is Jo Nketiah. Founder of a mental and emotional health movement known as the adultanonymous community and I am excited to introduce your Faith to Therapy.


Location iconGhana

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Download Echo Prayer to follow this feed. (It's free!)

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